XBee S2 can't connect to mPCIE XBee Card


I am trying to connect the XBee S2 with mPCIe XBee Pro. It seems that I can’t allocate the network at all. I been told that I need to run the HA profile. How shall I do this?

What is an mPCIE XBee ? That is NOT a Digi product.

If you need HA, than the XBee ZB module you are using does not support it. You need to use the XBee ZB SMT or the new through hole replacements to the S2B.

I am using the XB24Z7WIT-004 through-hole module. Based on the datasheet, it has the Home Automation feature.

What document are you seeing this in? Can you provide the Link and the page number?

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