xbee s2 compatibility with xctu

I have an xbee shield mounted on an arduino and other one is xbee adapter kit with the xbee. The radio module cannot be detected by the xctu, action required pop ups are flashed. I have tried all configurations but it failed to detect the radio module. Thanks for your advice, time and assistance.

What adapter kit are you referring to? Do you have an XBee Interface board to work from? If not, you may want to get one so you have a known good point in which to work from and program modules from.

I have two modules which cannot be detected xbee shield (spark fun)with xbee mounted and xbee adapter kit (adafruit) with the xbee mounted. Both modules show action required and remain undetected by the software. Please advice as how to troubleshoot. Thanks !

The boards you are using don’t have the required DTR and RTS lines which are needed for Entering the bootloader and firwmare files when you are not able to directly. You need a board such as the XBIB-U-DEV board for that.