xbee S2 module cannot talk to XCTU but can communicate with terminal

I purchase 2 xbee S2 modules. One I can communicate with both XCTU and a terminal. The other can only communicate via the terminal but XCTU cannot talk to the module. I am using an Arduino UNO to talk to the xbee thru a USB/COM Port conn.

This problem appeared after I tried to tweak the firmware. I have seen solutions talked about. A reset switch (but there is no reset switch on the xbee of course). Also this on digi talks about resetting the xbee but I do not know what specific development board (with url for the product itself) can be used to execute a reset.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


The answer would be XBIB-R-Dev Board.

Check below linkā€¦

I found out how to do a reset. Is there any explanation of how the terminal works for regular term comm but not for xctu which is using the same terminal parameters?

The XBee module UART output setting ends with \r only rather than

I hope this what you are asking about