xbee s2, packet format details


I am using Xbee s2 in API mode, Mesh topology. I used ZDO to request routing table, and received a packet. I want to know how I can interpret this packet. I found out the meaning of some bits of the packet, but there is still some bits that I dont know their role, which is actually important for me e.g. number of hops.

1- is there any document that describe the role of bits of a packet in detail?

2- is there any tool that can interpret it automatically, or I have to write my own code to analyses the packet? XCTU shows the role of some bits, but it is not enough.
3- I noticed that in addition to “routing table request”, there is another request called LQI(I found a detailed description of the packet format), which ask for the RSSI and routing table of a node. is zigbee’s AODV works based on RSSI or number of hops?

Thanks for your help

Yes there is. It is called the Zigbee standard. You can get it from www.zigbee.org.

As there are hundreds of Zigbee devices objects, XCTU is not able to decipher all of them. You are going to need to write your Own tool for that.

Yes, the Zigbee AODV is based off of an RSSI level and the least number of hops.