Xbee Multi-hop

Hi, I’m new to this forum. Currently, I am studying on Multi-hopping with Xbee. I need some technical info such as how to setup multi-hop with Xbee, where i can find multi-hop firmware and etc. Could anybody help me? Thanks in advance.

Which XBee are you using?

Zigbee and DigiMesh naturally handle multi-hop for you. the 802.15.4, XSC, 868 ‘DP’ and various other Dp or point-multi-point do not support multi-hop.

I’ve got another queston related with multi-hop topic. I’ve got very small network using AODV. I don’t want to enable Aggregate routing because each data frame is preceded with route record frame and my application processor can’t handle this amount of data. The ZigBee database is created via Node Identification Indicator but for visualization purposes I would also like to know at least Network Address of fist hop that routed that packet to be able to draw network structure.

Do you have other ideas you to achieve that?

I don’t know the answer, but this is a frequent topic - many people want a crude estimate of network path/topology.

Search the forums for ‘neighbor table’ and hopefully you’ll find some of the answers.

Unfortunetally I couldn’t found anything particular. Any ideas?

Here is one:


Or look in the XBee manual and do a text search for the phrase “Send a ZDO LQI request”. They give the example API frame there. I don’t know what the response format is, but it should be a simple array of data.