Xbee s2

I have a Xbee s2 modules… i am nt able comunicate them… is there any test to check wheather my zigbee modules are working or they got blow?
one more thing i accidently put the pins reversly… will this effect it?

Well, can you use Digi XCTU to talk to them from a PC?

I have not heard of ‘reverse’ socketing the XBee damaging the Xbee. But that would depend on your external circuitry. If all signals are 3.3vdc, then you should be fine. I think some pins are 5v-tolerant, but some may not be.

Also, wiring an input to 3.3vdc without a pull-up resister could burn out an XBee fi reverse socketed.

Thanq for your reply
I am new this Xbee modules can you suggest any kind of tutorials so that i can understand them and use properly
Thanks In Advance :slight_smile:

Well, there is the formal Xbee manual on the Digi support site. It is NOT a tutorial, but reading through the text will be helpful.

Probably the best ‘tutorials’ will be use Google to search for ‘Xbee project’ and you’ll find dozens (if not hundreds) of blog and youtube posts where people show off what they did with the Xbee.