Xbee S3B 900HP change firmware from 200k to 10k datarate

I have XBP9B-DMST-002 900Mhz modules which has Digi Mesh 200k firmware on it. I was trying to put 10k firmware on this. (i believe hardware is essentially the same)

DMST tab does not have any other option than 200k, and When i choose XBP9b DPST 10k as product family it throws following error.

Error Updating Radio module

  • Checking for bootloader updates… [OK]
  • Getting device information… [OK]
  • Entering programming mode… [ERROR]
    Could not enter programming mode. > Could not reset the module.

Is there any way at all to program these modules for 10k data rate ?

You need to use the XBP9B-DP XBee PRO 900HP 10K option.

thanks for the quick reply ! but i did choose that option. that’s when i got the said error :

" Could not enter programming mode > Could not reset the module ". then it ‘Recovers’ the module to normal operation.
i am using a Funduino Xbee usb adapter (FT232RL based)