Xbee series 1 association process with another RF chip


I’am using Xbee S1 and XCTU.

I had clicked SCAN button on XCTU,

Xbee S1 had sent Beacon req & Association req.

Xbee S1 could receive Beacon but Association respond was not.

I can’t understand why Xbee S1 couldn’t receive Association respond.

When Xbee S1 tries to associate PAN network, is it right to send a extended address(MAC address)?

So, In Association request frame, there was extended address. so my RF module parse it and then set it to destination address. (other information is following 802.15.4 protocol)

But, Xbee couldn’t receive Association respond.

AI keeps changing between 0x0F and 0x10.

What is the problem ?

Please see the A1 parameter: http://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/Digidocs/90001500/Default.htm#Reference/r_cmd_A1.htm