Communication between Xbee Series 1 and different RF Module(TI-CC2538)

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I want to test communication between Xbee Series 1 and TI CC2538.

I built 802.15.4 protocol on CC2538 and i want to test whether it
can transmit and receive data with Xbee Series 1 through XCTU.

I tried to scan in XCTU program, but it couldn’t find any device.

I set scenario that CC2538 RF chip is coordinator and Xbee S1 is a device trying to associate PAN network.

According to 802.15.4, device has to passive scan and receive beacon frame, after then, device should transmit association request mac command to coordinator which is CC2538.

How Xbee series 1 through XCTU’s scan button is working ?

Does it wait for receiving Beacon frame or send beacon request or other frame ?

You need to do that by setting the MM and A1 commands to the correct values. You may also need to set your PAN ID depending on what association option you are using on your coordinator as well.