xbee series2 problem

I got two digi xbee(XBEE S2)

Model number:XB24-Z7WIT-004 revF

when i programmed using X-CTU, first time reads…next time onwards it shows check your com port, baud rate mismatching

I tried many times, its not working,but i can use another xbee module…

how to reset factory settings, to solve this issue…

kindly guide me to solve the problem to make xbee to access…

help me to restore the xbee settings


Try with the different Baud rates like 9600, 115200.

Under PC Settings the set Baud - 9600, Flow Control - NONE, Data Bits - 8, Parity - NONE, Stop Bits -1 and then perform Test/Query, try this several times, and go to the Modem Configuration tab and click “Restore”, it will restore the module to defaults.

Or, reprogram the module with correct Modem and Function set and try again.

Refer the document at the following link, http://www.jsjf.demon.co.uk/xbee/faq.pdf which might help you.