XBEE Test Good But Don't Connect

I have been using 2 XBEE Pro 900 modules for a few months now without issues. While my buddy was waiting for his to arrive, I would remove mine from my aircraft and laptop for him to use. The last time we did this, I had just successfully used them and then gave them to him. He couldn’t get them to connect. Then I tried and I couldn’t get them to connect.

One appeared to have “bricked” so after reinstalling the firmaware (v.1002) on both and ensuring they both had the same VID they both pass the “Test/Query” within the X-CTU program but I still can’t get them to connect to each other when installed on the aircraft and laptop.

I think if you restore the modules, they may work correctly

You can reflash the modules using below steps.
(a) Connect the affected module to your interface board and the PC, leaving the interface board disconnected
from its power. The video shows a serial board, but it doesn’t say you can’t use USB.
(b) Launch the X-CTU software.
(c) On the PC Settings tab, make sure you have the correct COM port, baud rate and parity settings selected.
(d) On the Modem Configuration tab, select the correct modem type, function set and firmware version.
(e) Click on Show Defaults, and Write.
(f) When the Action Required box comes up, hold the reset button in, then apply power to the interface board,
then release the reset button. The Action Required box will then close out.
(g) The firmware load will take place, and when completed your module will be functioning properly.

If you solve your issue, please update the solution here in the forum, so that others can make use of it.