Xbee v3 firmware 802.15.4 no way to select firmware 200C only 200D? TH vs non th?

I needed to update the firmware on this module, i had to replace the one in my unit which was known to work on 200C. XBee 3 Pro Module - U.FL Antenna - WRL-15129 - SparkFun Electronics

I tried the install from file option but it never shows up in the list to select 200C afterwards.
What could i be missing here?

The other thing is that i think when i originally flashed the one that died, it was 802.15.4 not 802.15.4 TH, any idea what the difference is, i dont seem to have a choice of one without the TH in the xtcu?

The image in the upper left also appears to have an E in it, the old one has / had a C or D i think, not sure if that matters

If i try to do a recovery and go back to 200C and use the one thats non “th” I get:

if i use recovery and try to do the “th” 200C version i get:

EDIT: i was able to connect up the old xbee v3 and found it was 200C and the TH version, either way i cant seem to downgrade to TH 200C on the newer module.

So its either the need for 200c, or the fact that one is a “newer” hardware build than the other despite same firmware that they dont want to communicate?

First, when updating firmware, please make sure to use the most current version. Installing a version that is 2 versions behind may not be supported by the current hardware or bootloaders.