xbee wi-fi hyper terminal

The Xbee Wi-Fi device I recently purchased for prototyping will not respond to TCP connection attempts.

The device is connected to a FTDI cable through an interface board I had made for the Xbee Pro. The Xbee Wi-Fi has the default factory settings except that it is configured to TCP under the IP configuration. The firmware version is 2021.

The software I am using for the TCP connection is hyper terminal running on an XP machine. I can see the device from the router and the IP and Sub net displayed in XCTU ver 6.1.0 are all showing as expected. The device will respond to pings.

Also, when the XCTU terminal window is connected and I try to use a web browser (Firefox,) to connect to the device I see no actions taking place in the terminal window.

I have also tried to make connections using a well tested VB.Net package I wrote some years ago without success.

Any tips or documents that might help? Thank you.

Have I placed this under the wrong category? The pull down selections didn’t have a clear category for the Wi-Fi unit.

What is the Association indicator report? Have you tried using UDP as the protocol and Puddy to view the data being sent?