XB24-WF as a TCP/IP node

Hello All…

I’m new to this forum so please forgive me if I have asked something thats taboo.

I would like to use the XBee24-WF as a TCP/IP node and not as an Ad-hoc.

Is this possible?

I have tried to force an IP address into the XBee but nothing seems to work. This is through X-CTU.

I have the XBee WiFi dev. kit. And I have completed the getting started guild.(One on my laptop and the other on my desktop…I can send text back and forth)

I am very fluent with WiFi. I have some other devices non xbee that work fine.

What am I missing here with the XBee WiFi???

If I “ping” the IP address of the XBee I get nothing(4 packs sent 4 packs lost)

telnet can’t find it ether.

Thanks in advance for any help

This probably means that the XBee WiFi module hasn’t connected to the Wireless Access Point. You can check to see if the module is associate by looking at ATIP (0 is associated)