I am using the XBEE S6 and I need to actively scan for RSSI, SSID, Channel, and Mac Address of each AP in my area. Using the AT command ATAS I can see the RSSI and SSID but not the mac addresses or the channels. Is there any way to scan for those without connecting to an AP.

Such MAC information is not available until you connect to the Access Point.

I agree this is a missing feature. The WiFi beacon frames that are captured to generate the report of the ‘ATAS’ command already contain the MAC address of the access point. It would be useful if this information would be made available to the user.

Can Digi please look into this and add the reporting of the MAC address in a future firmware version for the S6 devices?

Competing modules do offer MAC address reporting when scanning for access point (e.g. the RN171).