Xbee wifi won't sleep for longer than 5 minutes

My Xbee S6B will not sleep for longer than 5 minutes. Any value over 5 minutes for the SP sleep will not work.

107AC0 for SP sleep time should sleep for 3 hours, however my radio sleeps for just 5 minutes. Short times such as 1388 for SP work fine.

I have written the radio firmware (2021) several times but this doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

Is my radio fried, or is this a known issue? Am I missing something on the settings?

Radio settings are:
SM = 4
SO = 100
SP = 107AC0
ST = 1388
WH = 9CB

I have confirmed this with 2 different Xbee SB6 radios now. This seems to be an issue with the radios themselves. Any setting longer than 5 minutes for sleep time while in API mode is not honored by the radio.

In case anyone is wondering, I reported this to Digi and they have confirmed it to be an issue with firmware 2021.