I got two new xbee series2 modem.

Modem type is: XB24-B

Firmware vversion is:1120

Fuction set is:zigbee coordinator API

I want to communicate between two modem…hence i want to set two operating channel of the modem same.but i cant set the operating channel of my own…
i want to send a ATND command from one modem and get the rssi signal strength of another modem…

Anyone pls help me pls

I think what you need is one coordinator and the other one as the end device.

About the channel issue,what happens is coordinator scans through its available channel to see whether there are end devices with the same pan ID.All you have to do is make sure both coordinator and the end device have the same pan ID and also JV CHANNEL is enabled.If JV CHANNEL is disabled it wont work unless by chance both coordinator and the end device is set to the same channel which is usually not the case.