XBee3 802.15.4 Sensitivity Fix in F/W 2012 Release

In the above release there is a bug fix as follows:

5. Fixed a sensitivity issue that was causing a range loss of around 7 dBm. [XBHAWK-643]

Is it known at what version this bug was manifested, and what reduction in range it would exhibit over the specified ranges of 60m indoor/urban and 1200m outdoor line-of-sight?

Reply via a support ticket for the benefit of others:

That particular bug was found in the original stack with which the XBee3 was introduced. It was only present in the 802.15.4 and Digimesh firmware and not preset in the ZigBee firmware. Thus all versions of DM and 802.15.4 firmware prior to x012 would exhibit this behavior.

As for range reduction, you could expect 1/2 in most situations.

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