Xbee3 Cellular File Permissions

I am unable to delete a file from the modem after it is uploaded to the modem via ATFS and YModem regardless of the permissions of the file when it is uploaded. It is returning a 7001 permission error.

I am able to upload and delete files that I place in secure flash with ATFS XPUT without error.

Are there other methods to delete files besides uPython os.remove?

You could format the file system.

Correct. I am already doing this by reflashing with my .xpro . Does this mean there is no way other than a full wipe? If so I’ll accept it as the answer, I was hoping for a less destructive solution that could be done in the field if needed.

Solved. The problem turned out to be much more simple than I realized. Simply, when I killed the booting main.py with CTRL-C, one of my files was not closing. Since this coding bug was run at boot, it meant no matter what I did the file would always be held open by a killed process.

If you get a 7001 EPERM error, verify you don’t have a file object open to it (unintentially)

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