Why does file system get corrupted after writing a main.py in LTE Verzion 1012 firmware?

After firmware update to 1012 for the XBEE LTE cat 1 module, The File System for the micro Python becomes corrupt after writing a new python program to Maine.py Firmware for LTE module must be reloaded to make file system appear again for Micro Python programming. Is there a fix for this?

Did you update from firmware 1011, or from an earlier firmware?

Does the file system appear as corrupted immediately upon the module booting after the update to 1012, or only after writing a new main.py file? (You can use ATFS INFO to check; or use ATFS LS, or os.listdir(), etc. to see if files are visible.)

When you say the firmware must be reloaded to make the file system appear again, are you reloading the 1012 firmware, or another version?

Did you originally format the file system with a version prior to 1010? Have you tried reformatting the file system (via ATFS format confirm or os.format() in MicroPython) since updating to 1012?

Interested in hearing your answers to @tckr’s questions as well.