XBee3 cellular modems with bug on file system

Hi, according to chagelog of releases firmwares on multiples devices, like XBee LTE Cat1 Global (4151E), Xbee Gloabl LTE-M/NB-IoT (1161E) and others.
A critical issue was fixed, “Fixed a critical issue found with some of our customer devices where the firmware cannot be updated and files on the file system cannot be created or modified.”.
If a devices is already in this state, impossible of modify files, Is there any way to repair it?, since it was not possible to flash this new firmware.


Did you follow the release notes and issue the AT!F command and verify the Flash ID value?

Yes, the module responds 0xEF4017

To resolve the issue, you will need to update the radios firmware to the most current version available.

It is not possible to update the module, I have tried multiple times (also using Xbee Recovery menu), but it always fails.

Sometimes this the error is showed

I would suggest reaching out to Digi Support by creating a case at https://my.digi.com/. Make sure to provide everything you can including the above images, IMEI and a copy of the invoice the module was purchased under.