Error Updating XBEE Cellular LTE Cat 1 Modem

Ok so I’ve got several XBEE Cellular LTE Cat 1 Verizon modules. Unfortunately I’m having problems updating them. I’ve managed to update 3 of 4 successfully, but my last module has an error.

Using the latest version of XCTU as well as the modules on the Digi breakout board (the one included with the XBEE Cellular Dev Kit) I’m trying to upgrade the modules all the way from Firmware version 1006 to 100A.

Under the window “Update the radio module firmware” in XCTU, I’ve selected:

Product Family: “XBXC”
Function set: “XBC LTE Cat 1 Verizon”
Firmware version: “100A (Newest)”

Upon “Updating radio firmware” looking at the “Show details” output, I see:

" ++++++++++++++ [OK]

  • Verifying flash… [OK]
  • Waiting for module to reset… [OK]
  • Transferring cellular modem bootloader… [ERROR]
    Error sending firmware block #0: PutData1: Sent only 0 of 8 bytes

It appears to properly load the firmware for the MCU on the XBEE, but fails while trying to update the firmware on the Telit modem itself.

I’ve tried doing the updates incrementally such that I first go from 1006 to 1007, then to 1008, then to 100A. Same problem appears.

Any advice or fix for this?