xbee cellular LTE CAT 1 Question - FW?

I purchased 3 XBC-V1-UT-001 (LTE CAT 1 VZ), and when I placed them in XCTU, 1 was claiming to be CAT 1 VZ with FW 1008, and the other two merely claim to be “XBee Cellular” with FW 1006. All are correctly labeled as XBC-V1-UT-001 Rev B.

In XCTU, I see there is a new FW 100A. The one unit which cam with FW 1008 upgraded fine, but the two claiming 1006 can (& were) upgraded to 1008, but if I try to bump the 1008 to 100A, XCTU warns about needing to upgrade the modem firmware (& up to 30 minutes of time). That’s okay, but then XCTU gives the error “support/firmware/cellular_modem/xbee_cell/23.00.004.zip does not exist”.

Is there any way to get this file locally (manually)? The FW supprto page only includes the 1008 FW, not the 100A FW.

Today (2018-jan-02) it worked, so maybe someone moved a file in XCTU online? Now all 3 units are running the 100A, and the two original oddballs seemed to download and reflash cell module okay.

Interestingly enough, one of our hardware guys had another one of these CAT1 with FW 1006, calling itself ‘XBee Cellular’ and not ‘XBee CAT1 VZ’.

So a partial answer is, trying to go from FW 1006 to 100A still fails (as of 2018-jan-11). But going from 1006 to 1008 works, then you want to power off the module, power back up, then go from 1008 to 100A.

Now at this point, the ‘long version’ command will cause the xbee to claim to be ‘ver 100A.2 Prod Build: Nov 21 2017 17:02:57’ and it will never get past AI=22, so ‘registering’. It cannot connect. So I had to power the xbee off one last time (a 2nd time) and after it powers back up, ‘long version’ returns ‘ver 100A.1 Prod Build: Nov 21 2017 17:02:57’, and it will now be able to connect. I have NO CLUE what the 100A.2 -vs- 100A.1 implies, but apparently we don’t want 100A.2