Xbee3 How do I tell the difference between pro and non

I ordered a XB324Z8PT and XB324Z8PTJ xbee 3 with PCB antenna one pro, one not, through Arrow.com.

The two devices I received look the same and neither is marked as pro. They also both respond the same to the HV AT command, replying 424C

Can somebody confirm for me that these are both non pros?



Unlike legacy modules, Digi XBee3 modules don’t have “PRO” marking on top of its body. Please check part number on its white label for distinction.

Digi Technical Support

Yes, look at the part number. If it ends with J it is a non Pro XBee3 otherwise it is a Pro XBee.

In your case:
XBee with part number XB324Z8PT is Pro since it does not end letter J
XBee with part number XB324Z8PTJ is non-Pro since it ends in J

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