XBee3 Range Test in XCTU not behaving as expected

I am using the XCTU application and the XB3-24Z8UM modules (Function Set Digi XBee3 Zigbee 3.0, Firmware version 1007).

I have 2 Micro eval boards, and 2 modules, one configured as the Coordinator, the other as a Router. I am using the Range Test function from the XCTU Tools menu. I am testing with different antenna configurations, and I got some erratic results on the RSSI readings. I changed power levels, but did not see the changes in performance I expected.

I attached the Router module to a spectrum analyzer to observe the power output, and found that the Router module was sending at Maximum power level, even when it was set to Minimum. The module would send at the Minimum power level after it was initially configured, but when I power it down to change antenna, it would revert to maximum. I would Refresh the parameter in the XCTU app, and it would show the PL TX Power Level parameter at 0-Minimum [0], but the spectrum analyzer shows the power jumped up to the +19dBm output from the module.

Why is the module configured to Minimum power, reporting Minimum power in XCTU, but physically putting out Max power when the range test is performed?