XBP08-DPWIT-024 not working in tranparent mode

I just bought 2 XBP08-DPWIT-024 modules which work in the 868 MHz band (I live in Europe) and also 2 gravitech USB<->XBee adapter boards (http://www.gravitech.us/xbtousbad.html).
I intend to use the Xbee PRO modules in transparent mode in a point-to-point configuration.
For starters, XCTU work with these modules and I am able to set the vaious parameters of the modules.
The problem is that the communication link cannot be established between the 2 nodes (with the default configuration “out-of-the-box”). Sometimes there are some characters which are transmitted but most of the time nothing arrives on the receiving terminal.
My questions is :

  • is there a speciffic configuration to be set to have a “point-to-point link in transparent mode” between the 2 devices?
    Thank you beforehand for your answers

Yes, set the nodes so that the DL and DH of one equals the SL and SH of the other. Just also remember that you should run these at PL0 when in Close proximity and that they can only transmit up to 10% of the time they are powered on. So when running a range test, make sure you set data receive timeouts to something like 7 seconds.

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Thank you a lot!
Indeed with these modiffications it works better…
And speaking about close range, it corresponds indeed to my intended application : I plan to use these modules for a radio link between 2 mobile robots and a set of 3 beacons. I am building these robots for participating in a robotic contest (Eurobot).
The distances between these elements during the matches are less than 10 feet, and very often the 2 robots came very close one with another eventually touching (in which case the radio modules will be separated only by several inches of “free” space).