XBP24BZ7UIT-004 vs. XPB24BUIT-004

Hi. We are using hundreds of XPB24BUIT-004 in different locations. However, it seems that it is difficult to buy more of them. Can we use XBP24BZ7UIT-004 in a network with XPB24BUIT-004 without changing firmware in the XPB24BUIT-004?

Is it possible to replace a XPB24BUIT-004 unit with the XBP24BZ7UIT-004?

We use firmware XBP24-B_ZigBee_1147.mxi and XBP24-B_ZigBee_1347.mxi.

No you can’t load the old discontinued znet 2.5 code on the S2B hardware. The code will not recognize the external power amplifier and low noise filter.