XCTU error 504 radio firmware library

I am using the app XCTU and i am trying to connect a modul Xbee S2C. The modul is linked to the application but to use it i have to uptade the radio firmware library. When I try to, an error message appears : “error while performing force updates 504 Command not implemented that parameter”.
How can I solve that problem ? Is it possible to install it manually, and how ?
I am on windows and the modul is connected via a mini-USB b / USB cable.

This has nothing to do with the module. What this message means is that XCTU is unable to connect to the Digi FTP site.

Are you connecting to the internet via a Proxy server? You may need to have your IT department open a connection in your firewall to allow XCTU to make a connection to the Digi FTP site.

thanks you ! it wokrs now

Not running behind anything that would block an outbound connection. This happens on Linux and Mac. Just started recently. Could it be something on the Digi side (again)?

Not that I am seeing. Have you tried simply going to https/ftp1.digi.com

All good this morning. Guess it was a transient network gremlin :slight_smile: