XCTU is not detecting XBee S2C

To connect the XBee S2C with my PC, I have used an adapter. In the adapter, the ASSO LED is not blinking which should blink (ASSO LED is constantly light up).
My PC is recognizing the adapter and if I try to connect the XBee From XCTU it is not detecting it. I have tried the Discover radio modules with all port still it can’t find the device. If i try to connect manually the XCTU Shows to reset dialog during this period the TX LED (green colour) on adapter light up.

Here is a screenshot: https://ibb.co/3mgf15k

is my Xbee is damaged?

What is the full part number of the module in question?

What do you have the XBee mounted on?

After the reset, are you able to read/discover the radio?

When you observe this reset dialog, press RESET button on interface board to bypass it.

XCTU cannot discover devices
If XCTU doesn’t discover an XBee module or doesn’t display any serial ports, try the following resolutions.

Check the configuration of your USB serial converter
On the Start menu, click Computer > System Properties > Device Manager.
Under Serial Bus controllers, double-click the first USB Serial Converter to open the USB Serial Converter dialog.
Click the Advanced tab, make sure Load VCP is selected, and click OK.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each USB Serial Converter listed in the Device Manager.
Check cables
Double-check all cables. The USB cable should be firmly and fully attached to both the computer and the XBee development board. When attached correctly, the association LED on the adapter will be lit.

Check that the XBee module is fully seated in the XBee development board
When the XBee module is correctly installed, it should be pushed fully into the board and no air or metal should be visible between the plastic of the adapter socket and the XBee module headers. Also, double-check that all ten pins on each side of the XBee module made it into a matching hole in the socket.

Check the XBee module orientation
The angled “nose” of the XBee module should match the lines on the silk screening of the board and point away from the USB socket on the XBee development board.

Check that the XBee modules are in the same network
Check that the Network ID (ID)and the Channel (CH) settings have the same value for both XBee modules.