XTend RF Module stops communicating

We are using XTend RF Modules to transfer data from one location to another and we discovered that once thee devices were placed in the field they could communicate for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks then stop communicating.

When attempting to recreate the problem on the bench we discovered the radio modules apparently went into stand by or sleep mode as the transmit power light which is wired to pin 4 of the module was off. Sleep mode is disabled and the shutdown pin 7 is driven high by the micro-controller performing the transfer.

We’re not sure if this is the same problem as seen in the field as the description from the field was the transmit and receive lights were flashing as if the two radios were communicating.

Were using the radio modules in transparent mode. Baud rate is at 9600 baud. No flow control, no addressing, and sleep mode is disabled.

Has anyone else encountered similar problems using the radios. Or does anyone have any ideas on what may be causing the radios to stop transmitting.

That simply sounds like the shutdown pin is not providing the proper voltage to wake the module up or your processor is not able to provide the proper voltage and current draw for the shutdown pin to be at the proper voltage for the radio to be on.