XTend won't turn on anymore

I was using baud=9600 to get -110dBm sensitivity.
I was transmitting at 1Watt. All acks, retries, etc. were disabled in order to maximize throughput and minimize latency.
I was sending small packets every 40ms. After about 2 minutes of this, the module began sending “Module Status - Hardware reset” frames back to the computer.
Looking at the AT command WN i got both:

  1. 1 - under-voltage…
  2. 5 - Power reduced…

I believe that my power supply got too hot dropped out.

Now the module won’t turn on.
If I connect it to 5V (and also connect the shutdonw pin to 5V as required), it continuously draws .2A, but will neither talk with the UART, nor drive the power indicator pin 4 high.

Any ideas on what happened here?
Is there any way to recover the module?

You can try reloading the radios firmware back on the module using an XTIB-R interface board to see if that will resolve the issue. Otherwise when your power supply failed, it damaged the module as well.