ZB End Device does not reply to commands


I have a modem XB24-B configured as End device (firmware 2970). The problem is that when I use X-CTU tool to read modem’s info, it is difficult to read from the modem, I have to retry many time to view the Modem firmware version. And when I manually send API frames to the modem, it does not reply although it sends a status frame on power up like below:

7E 00 02 8A 00 75

7E 00 02 8A 02 73

Can anyone has the same problem?

Now I find that it depends on the Assoc. LED that the modem replies or not. For example, when the LED turns ON permanently, it replies to command sent from terminal, but when the LED is OFF or is blinking rapidly, I could not receive the reply from the modem. I think that it is in sleep mode? Am I right? If its correct, how can I wake the modem up then send the command to it?


I have experienced such thing a lot of time. You may study a lot from this thread.

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I have a similar problem…does anyone have a solution/?

Can you let us know what firmware version you have?