Problems entering command mode after upgrade from XBP24-B AT to XBP24-ZB AT

I have updated my XBP24-B ZNet END DEVICE AT to XBP24-ZB END DEVICE AT (FW: 2864), all very well, but I have many problems entering command mode “+++”. I Just have test with no flow control and with CTS but nothing, I can enter in command mode one time every ten tries!!! Vith old firmware all is ok! Is there some issue regarding the upgrade? I use XBee Pro on usb adapter made by sparkfun

Best regards Gian

Sounds like your modem going into sleep mode. Turn off sleep mode by setting…SM=0

I have just made thath test, but the x-ctu say me thath thath operation causes a configuration error. I can’t turn off sleep mode

I’ve tested this and its true, you can NOT set SM=0 on an end device.

There are alternatives however…

One would be to change to SM=5, then toggle DTR to wake up the end device for configuration purposes. Another would be to hit the commissioning button ONCE, which will awaken it for 30 seconds if its associated to something.

Yet a third option would be to set a longer ST (how long the module stays awake when it wakes up) value, long enough to set whatever other config parameters you wanted. You’d then want to set a reduced ST once the other parameters are set, since the longer it stays awake, the more power it uses from your battery.

If these are not being battery powered but are instead AC powered, sleep mode isn’t necessary at all, and you’d be better off loading a form of Router firmware.

Ok, changing the END DEVICE to ROUTER all is working fine, in the next days i will checkto change times on END DEVICE and make some tests. So for your opinion on END DEVICE today is there a bug or is all ok? If there is a bug is comming a new firmware?
Another think, for your experience is better to use API or AT mode? This is not a problem for me to implement one or another.

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This is intended behavior, not a bug.

As far as AT vs. API, both have unique capabilities, so it really depends on the application or what your requirements are.

AT mode is commonly known as “passthrough”, because it handles data similarly to an analog modem, i.e. what goes in one end of the RF link comes out the other, and if command mode of the radio is desired an escape sequence must be used.

API mode requires packetization of the data so additional processing is required, but because of this allows you to issue commands to either a local or remote radio.

Here’s an article discussing API mode and some of its abilities:

For more detail on AT vs. API mode, you’ll want to refer to the Product Manual for ZB RF modules, latest version of which can be found on this page: