ZB-Pro Router issue in large network


I’m developing a large Zigbee network with a coordinator, several routers and more end-devices.

I tried to install routers near the coordinator as much as I could, but not all of them are at this situation. I have some routers connect between themselves, but not with coordinator directly.

As all my routers devices work with liPo or li-Ion batteries, when any of the router, without line-of-sight, exhausts the battery, the network breaks down.

I said that because routers have to detect coordinator in the first time it begin to work, so if battery goes down, when I change it, I have to move my device all along the network and come back.

[i]Is there any option for maintaining the network parameters even if the coordinator isn’t near enough??

Could it be as simply as modify ‘NW’, ‘JV’, ‘NT’ or ‘NO’ parameters??[/i]

Thanks in advance!