ZNet 2.5 to ZB

I have one XBEE ZNet 2.5 upgraded to ZB and I’d like to configure it as coorrdinator API.

I try this becasuse I think is the only way to send configuration commands to a router/end-device. There is another way to do that ?

But I can’t configure in API mode with X-CTU. Why ?

I have every cain of troubles. “Lost of modem comunication…”, “Bad parameters in API mode…”,etc.

I check-on the “Enable API” in X-CTU once the firmware has been wroten, but from this point X-CTU says “Unable to execute ATVR command” (more or less). The “Test/Query” button only gives me a serial number, instead of a model and version (ZB24-B 1x2x).

Please, HELP

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance.

Migration from ZNet to ZigBee, http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/upgradingfromznettozb.pdf

Reflash the firmware on the module using the below steps,

  • Select correct Modem, Function set and Version
  • Click “Show Defaults”
  • Check “Always Update Firmware”
  • Click Write
  • If the “Action Required” window pop up, press the reset button on the interface board once.