Updating a ZNet OEM Xbee Pro with an API Firmware

Hi guys, I have an xbee network, with all my modules (xbee pro series 2) configured with Znet 2.5 OEM AT Firmware.
Now I need to create an API coordinator and some API routers, so I tried to convert the AT firmware in an equivalent API one (always ZNet 2.5).

I have followed all your instructions, but after progamming the modem, hardware reset, and AT parameters reset, XCtu tells me:
“Error setting AT parameters. Either parameter is not supported or value out of range. Check parameter view for parameters in error” and quite all the parameters become red showing an ERROR label.

The bottom XCtu window shows:
“Getting modem type…Programming modem…OK
Setting AT parameters…OK
Detected baud rate difference.
Make sure PC and modem baud rate is set correctly
Write Parameters…Complete”

But the baud rate is correctly set and I haven’t changed any parameter, everything was the default set.

What can I do? where was I wrong?I have updated all the firmware. Should I try with a different firmware type?

Thanks in advance, I’ll wait for your answer

make sure that you have checked the ENABLE API check box under the PC setting tab in the X-CTU Software, then click on the TEST/QUERY button if success then read the parameters again by clicking on the READ button under modem configuration tab.
hope this should solve the problem.

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