ZNET 2.5 to ZB

I have one XBEE ZNet 2.5 upgraded to ZB and I’d like to configure it as coorrdinator API.

I try this becasuse I think is the only way to send configuration commands to a router/end-device. There is another way to do that ?

But I can’t configure in API mode with X-CTU. Why ?

I have every cain of troubles. “Lost of modem comunication…”, “Bad parameters in API mode…”,etc.

I check-on the “Enable API” in X-CTU once the firmware has been wroten, but from this point X-CTU says “Unable to execute ATVR command” (more or less). The “Test/Query” button only gives me a serial number, instead of a model and version (ZB24-B 1x2x).

Please, HELP

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance.

In the Modem Configuration tab, try clicking on the “Download new versions” to download the most recent ZB firmware. After programming the module, you should be able to click the “Read” button to read parameters. The “Enable API” box in the PC settings tab should only be checked if you are communicating with API firmware. Can you get the “Read” button to work?