5 extra bytes in IO packet

We upgraded our XBee Series I modules to the latest firmware we could find: 10CD. We wanted this because it seemed to be first version of the Series 1 firmware that supported the remote AT API.

Sadly our incoming IO packets no longer parsed correctly. After some detective work, we found that there is an extra 4 bytes of something in the middle of the IO packet - Right after the “options” byte and right before the “samples” byte we see “FF 04 B5 47”.

Setting our parser up to skip these 4 bytes returns us to successful functionality, but… what gives? Cost us a few hours finding it. Then what should we plan for the future? Are they going away again?

Full disclosure: we’re doing broadcast transmissions, 64 bit addressing and AES encryption. Might be relevant, right?

Version 10c8 also has the remote API, and it works for me, including IO packets. Maybe a comparison test between those two versions would be illuminating - or is 10c8 the one you upgraded from? I assume here we’re talking about packet types 0x82/0x83.

By the way, if you take a look at the recent thread “set the transmission channel” you’ll see that I also have a similar issue with the 10c8 firmware.
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