868LP transparent addressing - any alternative to ROM based src address?

I am new to this forum - please forgive any “noob” questions…

We have recently moved from a 2.4G Xbee to 868 (LP), using AT transparent point-to-point mode. On the 2.4G unit, we could set any arbitrary source address in software; on the 868 we can only use the ROM based module serial number.

In terms of in the filed replacement, this is now very inflexible; with the 2.4G unit, we could swap in a new device, the system software could just program up the same source address, and the link was back up and working.

With the 868, if a unit fails, the software at BOTH ends has to be changed (to reflect the hard coded addresses of the 2 modules). The grade of personnel required to do this has also changed…

We might be able to use the NI \ NO commands to make an “over the air” pairing of the units, but this requires physical access to both ends of the link, performing the pairing within a time period (not always easy on a mass transport vehicle installation), etc.

The use of hard coded source address could have been made optional by making the ROM serial number available in a read-only register, then allowing the user to to place it in a source address register… (all via AT cmds)


Is there a variant of the 868LP software with programmable source address?

Is there a "how to " guide for the NI \ NO command pairing procedure?

Is it just us that finds this hard coded source address a dreadfully inconvenient retrograde step in the Xbee development path ? Or am I missing something?

No, the Source address or 64 bit address is an IEEE assigned MAC level address. It is not something that can be changed. When you need to replace the receiving module, try using the AG command to update the DL and DH addresses of the remotes with.