AccelePortRas4 cannot connect exactly

I have AccelePortRas4 card and It’s have some problems.
only MNP connection is desirable,so setup ATcommand like this:

but sometimes,the connection made by LAPM,or NONPLOTOCOL

Do you know Why?
is the ATcommands wrrong?
please give me ideas.


You settings/init string look good, so I’m not sure why you aren’t getting the negotiation you specified. About the only thing I’d add is an &F immediately after the AT, to make sure you’re starting at factory default.

One thing you might want to check is to make sure you have the latest firmware. To do this, compare the output of ATI3 to the firmware part number listed here:

Make sure you’re on the 6691_M2 firmware. If not, I’d recommend upgrading.

Another possibility is that an application may be initializing the modem differently (with a dialing string for example) after you initialized the modem as above. A dialing string with AT&F in it would surely do this.

If all that fails, I’d recommend calling Technical Support or use our Online Support Request form to open a ticket. The output of ATI3&V&V1 would be useful info to provide at that point.