Adapter won't receive power when XBee series 1 is plugged in! HELP! (There's power when XBEE Series 2 is plugged in)

I have a little problem with XBee Series 1 and 2, or better to say: with the adapter!

Days ago, I have tried to establish a network with XBee Series 2, which worked fine. Then I wanted to let XBee Series 1 communicate with each other, but the problem is, every time I plug the XBee Series 1 modules into the adapters, the power is shut down!! (I mounted a LED onto the adapter, it lights up when there’s power. I also check the power by checking connection with XCTU).

If I plug the adapter WITH XBEE Series 2(!) into USB port (so it can receive power), then remove the XBee Series 2 from adapter (without removing adapter from USB port) and then plugging XBee Series 1 in adapter, it works.

But if I plug in XBee Series 1 just like that onto adapter, it won’t receive any power. Why? And how can I correct this problem?
Please help me! 

What Adapter are you referring to? What is the part number of that device? Where was it purchased from?