After ATWR, Xbee 2.5 no longer responds to AT commands

I just received 10 Xbee 2.5 modules, and I’ve been experimenting with them. One of the first things I tried to do was set the command timeout to a longer value. One two separate modules I’ve done “+++ atct28f\r atwr\r”. It responded with OK on each of those, and an ATCT before the write works, too. The first module just stopped responding, and I power cycled the second before I saw it stop responding.

Both respond to “+++” with OK, but it does not reply to any of the AT commands, including “ATRE”.

Is there anything I can do? In particular, is there anything I can do without the windows software? I’m on a Mac.


Digi is no longer supporting ZNet modules. Migrate to ZigBee modules using the following link,