Anyone had a problem setting up a SMDR to a DigiOne Real port??

Hi, I’m trying to setup a Nortel Norstar PBX SMDR6 Call detail accounting device in a realport fashion through the network to a server on another subnet running the realport software.

The SMDR usually connects directly to a serial port on a server running the Call Accounting software. Since the server is now away from the PBX, I though this setup can work without a problem. Anyway, it didn’t, I set up the Digi One RP for real port and installed the realport software on the server.

I Used the included Serial-DB25 crossover cable to the device. Still I can’t see any call traffic not even on a basic Hyperterminal session to the mapped “COM” port from the realport.
Has anyone made a setup like this? What’s the setting on the Digi ONE port? Realport? Printer?..
Thanks in advance

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The provided crossover cable will not work with this device. You will need a straight through (modem) cable:

Do you think I should set this for being Terminal o Real Port in the port settings??
Thanks again…

It depends on whether you prefer to communicate using a tty/COM port from your Realport host system or would you prefer to connect directly to the port using telnet or ssh from anywhere on the network.

Either method will work. It is matter of determining what best suits your particular environment.

Allright, thanks!
Sounds like RealPort will do for the Accounting software…