AnywhereUSB 14 - Strange LED Cycle


We have an AnywhereUSB which stops working after some time. It has this strange Status LED Cycle:

5 x red flash, pause, 2 x quick orange, pause, 3 x red, pause, solid orange (10 seconds), solid green (2 seconds), pause, and then repeat loop.

Running this firmware:

Any ideas?

The firmware of the AUSB is crashing.

It looks like you’ve got newest firmware. Make sure though that you also have the newest driver.

After you’ve done that power off the device. Disconnect everything and then reapply power. Perhaps there is a problem with one of the other connectors.

I confirmed that I am running the latest drivers. Performed the power off / on. The device faulted again after some hours. I’m not exactly sure how long it takes to fail. Perhaps its the USB device plugged in?

try disconnecting everything including ethernet cable and USB devices from AUSB and connect only power supply cable and power up the device. Do you still see red LED blinking pattern?