Anywhere USB/14 hangs

We have 2 appliances Anywhere USB/14 with firmware (build 82002081_L awusb14 eos 1/16/2015 10:50:09a). One is working without trouble for 275 days. The other has hanged twice within 1 month. No response from network. We have to switch power off then on to go back working. Any idea ?

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What’s the behavior of the System Status LED at the time of the failure (before power cycling the unit)?

The status led was off. (It’s blinking on normal work).

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I don’t think I’ve seen an AWUSB with the System Status LED being off, unless the whole unit is powered off. Were there any other lights on at that time, such as the Ethernet link or activity LEDs where the network cable plugs in?

We have 2 same Anywhere USB/14 switches and same problem on them - periodacally one of them hangs and no respond from the network (no ping). Status LED on it off (or on). We power off them then on to go back working. Firmware was upgraded 2 or 3 times, now is (build 82002081_L3 awusb14 eos 10/22/2015 12:09:41p)

I would recommend looking at this knowledge base article for assistance: