AnywhereUSB 2 Driver Status c0000022

Traversing subnets. Port 3422 TCP and UDP open. Device discovery works, but a driver status of c0000022 is reported in the configuration utility and a connection is not established. OS is a 32-bit embedded version of Windows 7 called POSReady7. Latest firmware and Windows 7 driver being used.

Have you tried rebooting the host computer or power cycling the AWUSB2?

Does this issue consistently happen, even if there are no attached USB devices?

Are you sure no other host computer is already connected, or attempting to connect, to this AWUSB/2?

Thanks for the quick reply. A reboot did not help, but I did find the answer. While I made the firewall exceptions manually, and indeed the device showed up in the utility, I was not convinced the exceptions were 100% applied. I removed my manual FW rules and added the exceptions via our existing GPO. Communication is now successfully established.

Glad to hear this! Thanks for the update.