AnywhereUSB 2 plus: Open error 13


The USB flash drive does not show up on my linux pc and the following messages are continuously pushed to the “System Messages” window, which can be found in the “help”, “System Messages” tab of the AnywhereUSB Manager.

2022-09-29 15:57:20 ERROR :Open error 13 while attaching device to the virtual host controller
2022-09-29 15:57:20 ERROR :Error attaching remote device 1101 to vhci_hcd virtual port 0
2022-09-29 15:57:22 ERROR :Open error 13 while attaching device to the virtual host controller
2022-09-29 15:57:22 ERROR :Error attaching remote device 1101 to vhci_hcd virtual port 0

Thanks in advance for any help/tips/thoughts!

Note that the USB products that are inserted in the AnywhereUSB 2 plus are visible, both in the Awusbmanager and in the web UI.

The AW02-G300 requires a 5V 6A power supply!
with locking barrel connector, which need to be turned 90° clockwise after plugging in (to ensure good contact!)

76000965 PN:(1P)24000132 Power Supply output 5V, 6A <- View accessories


is it even booting with your 2A power supply?
Can you reliable access it’s web interface?
Is the power LED on?

Hey User143,

First of all thank you for your reply!
This was my thought process behind the 2A:
I found the following in the documentation:
“Connect the power supply: 5 Volt DC center positive.
The Hub draws 5 Amp maximum when both USB ports are drawing 1.8 Amps each”
(found this through a comment on this thread:

So 5-2*1.8=1.4A is what the AW02-G300 itself requires. Since I only connected 1 USB(2.0) flash drive, which I assumed to be maximally 0.5A, the 2A should be enough.

To answer your questions:

  • Yes the device is booting and running steadily
  • The web interface is available and reliable (haven’t had any issues/hiccups what so ever)
  • The power led is shining brightly blue!

Therefore I assumed that the power supply was not the problem. I will order a new power supply and retry with that. Afterwards I will report back!

Kind regards!

Edit: USB2.0

Open Error 13 is a “Permission denied” error in Unix/Linux.

Did you install the driver as root or other user?
Does the user running the Manager has appropriate permissions?

maybe doing a chmod or chown on the files can solve the problem?

After some more support from the support team it turns out that the documentation is correct. It was a mistake on my end, it turns out that I did not add the user to the awusb group. This is described properly in the documentation and should be done as follows:

"sudo usermod -a -G awusb "

For anybody encountering this problem in the future:

For me the problem was not in the power supply, it was in the permissions.
Through the support line I found out that “Open Error 13 is a “Permission denied” error in Unix/Linux.”

By running the manager as “sudo /usr/sbin/awusbmanager” instead of as “/usr/sbin/awusbmanager” all problems were fixed.
This is not (yet) in line with what is was stated in the pdf called 93001346_B.pdf that is in the TGZ file that can be downloaded from this link ( Because in this file in the section “RUNNING THE MANAGER” it is stated that the binary can be invoked from the command line using “/usr/sbin/awusbmanager” however for me this needs to be “sudo /usr/sbin/awusbmanager”.

Hopefully this can help somebody out in the future!

Kind regards!

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