AnywhereUSB Incompatible devices Bluetooth Radio

i have a Generic Bluetooth Radio Usb Device installed in my AnywhereUSB and when i execute the Check Utility, it appears as:
Incompatible devices found:

Generic Bluetooth Radio VID = 0x0A12 PID = 0x0001

But the device works perfectly and i can use the Bluetooh devices connected to the Bluetooth Radio device without any problems.

can anyone inform me if this kind of devices are really incompatible with AnyWhereUSB as Check Utility says???
Many thanks.

The AnywhereUSB Check Utility determines if attached USB devices use the “isochronous” USB transfer type. Most isochronous USB devices, i.e. modems, sound, and video devices, are incompatible with the AnywhereUSB, so typically those kinds of devices would list as being incompatible in the Check Utility. If your Bluetooth device is working then I recommend ignoring the results of the Check Utility.

Hi Jeremym,
Many thanks for your quick response.