AnywhereUSB "isochronous" transfers

“isochronous” transfers are not possible all? or you can do something for work. Attracts connection to AnywhereUSB - AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB Gold…

Isochronous USB devices are incompatible with the AnywhereUSB, and there is no workaround for this.

Are there any similar device capable of solving this problem?

Thank you for your answers. Then, perhaps advise that can be used in conjunction with AnywhereUSB? Interested in the converter analog video (AV Output Port) to USB interface and transfer through AnywhereUSB.

Thank you. Digi Watchport/VE like only NTSC. Is there any solution for PAL?

Sorry but Digi does not offer any USB-over-IP solutions that are compatible with isochronous devices.

Our Digi Watchport/VE USB Video Encoder (part number 301-9020-01) is compatible with the AnywhereUSB.

Here’s a link to the product page:

Unfortunately, no. It’s NTSC only.

“Isochronous” devices, i.e. devices that use the isochronous USB transfer type. Typically, audio/video devices, and modems fall into this category, but there are other devices that do too.

Refer to KBase article