AnywhereUSB question

I just set up my AnywhereUSB. I plugged it in to the network and configured it from a physical Win2003 Server.
I was hoping to use this physical W2k3 server to strictly manage the AnywhereUSB device and not actually use any devices directly connected to the AnywhereUSB on this physical 2003 server.

Is there a way to do this?

My bigger concern is that if I plug a Blackberry into the AnywhereUSB that it will show up on all servers that I have installed the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility on. I would prefer to not have this happen.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi, it’s a one to one relationship on system/AnywhereUSB. Other systems on your network could discover the AnywhereUSB but they couldn’t actually see the devices attached to it because the AnywhereUSB would not be enumerated on their systems.

The device status would give a message like "connected to (whatever the IP address was of the computer that was currently using it).

The way that it’s setup right now is that a computer on your network COULD reboot the AnywhereUSB and take control over it. At that point the USB devices would be detected (once the AWUSB was enumerated on their system). They would at that point have to install the drivers.

We are currently coming out with a software package which allows users to “lock down” the AnywhereUSB (or multiple AnywhereUSB’s) via a password. With this implemented no one else can do anything with the AnywhereUSB in question unless they know the password (you’re prompted for a password)

I have a copy of this software if you need it right away. We’ll probably be releasing it on our website within a few weeks.

Hopefully this answers your questions/concerns. If you need anything else please let me know.

Mike Swift


I have quite the same problem. I will connect my AnywhereUSB concentrator on a server and I don’t want that everybody on our local network can reboot the concentrator or can modify the configuration. I would be interested in this software package to test the solution before bringing it into production.

Could you send it to me please ?




Thank you for the quick response.

The one-to-one relationship was the piece I was not understanding.

A copy of the updated software would be excellent. How do we go about making that happen?

Thanks again,


I’d like to email it to you as I’d like to have a better handle on who is currently using it.

Please send me your email address or better yet just email me directly at


Please email me at and I’ll send you what you need.


Mike Swift